Hosting Tips

We’re talking about food here so that’s the biggest consideration to think about.  Try to bring your dish in something that will keep it warm/cold depending on what your needs may be.

A couple of things to consider:
Restaurants can be great venus but they have health code issues they have to contend with.  Look for a place that is maybe new or struggling and willing to bend the rules a bit.  Encourage them to get in on the action.
This is tongue-and-cheek so have fun with it.  The fewer the rules the better.  Go with the flow and see what happens.
Try to have the registration setup early so dishes don’t get lost in the mix.  Every dish gets a number and ideally there would be a copy machine handy so “judges” can know what they are getting into, eating, etc.
Take a bunch of pictures.  Trust me.  It will encourage others to make their own dishes or throw their own BaconCamps in the future.
Bacon infused vodka + bloody mary mix + Bacon Salt rimmed glass == teh awesome.