You know 2009 is the ‘year of the bacon’ when things like the bacon explosion and events like BaconCamp start to happen.

On January 17th 2009, the inaugural Masterbacon was held in Portland, Oregon.  We had even kicked around the idea of calling it BaconCamp but figured “bacon lovers wouldn’t get the ‘Camp’ meme”.  Umm.  Wrong. 🙂  The idea was simple; bring together a bunch of bacon lovers, have them bring their favorite dishes, throw in some judges and “prizes” and voila, you had Masterbacon.  The local press picked it up and people too loads and loads of fantastic pictures (two words: bacon sushi).

Literally 4 days of basking in the our own bacon-over (the equivalent of a bacon hangover) the organizers of Masterbacon bumped into Karen’s post about doing a BaconCamp.  We had wanted to do Masterbacons in other cities, but heck, why not just join forces and call it BaconCamp?!  Karen had the insanely genius idea of actually doing it for a cause and the rest is history.  Or it will be on March 2st, 2009 in San Francisco for the inaugural BaconCamp.

Henceforth and forevermore Masterbacon will now just be called BaconCamp.  It just makes more sense.  See you next year in Portland, OR or on March 21st in San Francisco or wherever you may hold your own BaconCamp.