What You Can Do to Help Out

Whether you’re cooking, providing supplies, or just filling your belly, Baconcamp asks that everyone participate.

Things to bring

name tags & pens
cups (regular sized & mini mouthwash-sized cups for the bourbon) Leah Culver will be bringing these
money box & security mechanism – Karen will provide

Warm bodies
Pre-event planning
Promotions – evangalize BaconCamp, create fliers/banners/etc, get people excited and talking
Sponsors – be the primary contact for them, maintain a list of who they are & what they’re bringing – Jason Glaspey and Eden Hensley
Facilities & Supplies – audio equipment for preso, acquire cups & such, decorations
Volunteers – coordinate anyone who wants to volunteer to help out (Karen will be the main contact for this)
Setup [11am – 1pm] – move furniture, organize space, put out supplies, etc
Door duty [12pm – 5pm] – This mainly involves standing at the door and smiling as people enter.  You will also hand out judging cards and name tags, request donations from participants, and direct bacon-bearers to the appropriate area.
Break down [4pm – 5pm] – move furniture and general clean up
Shifts are at least 1 hour.  Fill in your name in the table for available times and duties

Scheduling and Presentations – each presenter briefly describes his dish before bringing it out.  They can sign up for timeslots when they arrive.
How to prevent chaos? – Do this on video too for posterity sake?
What if we say arrive at 1pm and then at 2pm we do a “tour-of-bacon” where the people who brought dishes get 2 minutes (a la Ignite) to describe their dish, inspiration, etc?  That way its not just mayhem … this could be done around the judging table?
How-to (or just general) bacon sessions in true BarCamp form?:
Scott Kveton, Making your own bacon
Encourage other types of preso
bacon craft time!  Toothpicks & frosting to hold pieces together, weave strips into shapes

Bacn.com sponsoring:
Archie McPhee bacon stuff

BaconToday.com sponsoring:
Bacon pillows
baconcamp.org domain name

Leah Culver
Utensils, cups and dishes

Karen Nguyen
totally impressive bacon prizes

Winning Categories:
most visually appealing
most likely to convert a vegetarian
overall tastiest
best name
most creative use of bacon
Other winning categories likely to emerge at the event … got an idea for one?  Write it down on your ballot!

Food registration
live streaming